Arduino Decision Box, ATtiny85

The aim of the project is to generate random output for "Yes" or "No". When user press the button, it will turn on green LED (yes) or red LED (No). This simple project can be used for your first time in microcontroller project or you can used it to play mini game. It also can be used to replace "coin flipping" at the start of sport match.

Arduino Random Generator LED

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Collision Avoidance Detector, AVR ATmega1284P

The aim of the project is to build detector to help people avoid any obstacle when they walk on the street. It will give a signal when anything come closer to the user. Inspired by forward collision warning system in a cars, this project is intended to provide added safety to users in multiple situations. This Personal collision detector designed by Mayur Patel.

Personal Collision Avoidance Detector

It uses Doppler radar sensors in order to provide the user with movement, speed, and distance information of their environment. An array of Doppler radar sensors are placed on the user's head and vibration motors are placed on the user's chest, neck, back, and/or arms in order to provide input to the user without impeding any of their other senses.

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Li-ion Battery Charging Guide, LM324

Pinomelean shows you how to build good Li-ion Battery Charger. He helps you understanding the theory of Li-ion Battery and design its charger circuit using Transistor TIP122 and Op-amp LM324.

Design Li-Ion Battery Charger

Lithium based batteries are a versatile way of storing energy; they have one of the highest energy density and specific energy

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