Simple Arduino Bluetooth-Controlled Relay Switch

Here is simple Bluetooth controller for your home appliance, Blu-Board. The project is built based on bareduino (ATMEGA328), 2 channel relay, and Bluetooth module. It can be used to turn ON-OFF your home appliance such as thermostat, lights and others.

Bluetooth Controller for Home Appliance

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SquareWear 2.0: Wearable Arduino

SquareWear 2.0 is an open-source, wearable Arduino microcontroller board. It uses Arduino (ATmega328) running at 3.3V and 12MHz as main processor. It has built-in mini-USB port for uploading programs, charging lithium batteries, and creating a serial communication channel. It comes with a lot of useful built-in components, such as a color LED, a general-purpose push-button, a buzzer, light sensor, temperature sensor, three MOSFETs (to drive high-current load).

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Critical Importance and Application of a Modern SATCOM Antenna

If you’ve been following along with major technological advances in the global communication industry, then you’ll probably more than a little bit familiar with the concept of SATCOM communications provided by elite level devices and SATCOM antenna systems.

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Philosophically similar to modern cell phones and wireless networks for voice and data communication, proper equipment that have been outfitted with the right SATCOM antennas can give you a distinct edge and advantage over the mobile applications in ways that you may not have imagined before. Literally connecting you to a global communication network – without any of the headaches and hassles of traditional mobile and wireless communications (or even legacy technologies like hardline communications).

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