PIC based Alarm Clock with Voice Recognition

This project shows you how to build alarm clock with ability to recognizes simple commands to turn off or snooze the alarm clock. By requiring the user to repeat certain phrases to execute specific commands, it help user become more alert when they wake up.

The hardware for the project consisted of the PIC32 microcontroller, microphones, a TFT LCD display, a UART serial cable, a buzzer for the alarm sound, and an external pushbutton. The microphones detects the voice commands from the user which is then amplified and filtered for better sound capture. The TFT display shows the date, current time in military format, and the alarm time in military format.

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LCDTV Server: Streaming Media Using Ethernet/USB Adapter

The WIZnet WIZ550io-based LCDTV SERVER is a small device that plugs into the USB port of a LCD TV or portable DVD player, and allows it to stream media over the network from a file server. It does this by presenting itself to the LCD TV as a conventional USB flash memory, emulating the interface of a mass-storage USB device.

stream media across a LAN with USB adapter

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Simple IR Remote Control Robot, Arduino Uno

This project guides you how to build a simple robot which can be controlled using a IR TV remote control. The hardware consist of Arduino uno as main processor, Tsop1738 for IR sensor, L293D as motor driver, 9v battery, two dc motor, and robot base.

IR TV remote control robot - Arduino

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