Stick Your Application With Magnet Tab

Stick Your Application With Magnet Tab
What you do to stick your note or announcement? I believe many people will use glue to do it. But it will leave a glue spot when you remove it. I'm sure you will not convenient with this because you have to clean it. It's no problem if you use it for once. But if you use it for repeatedly task like stick note to refrigerator door. I think this is not good idea, right?

There is good solution to resolve this issue. Use a magnet tab to stick you paper or announcement. It is not a magnet that you found on the speaker. But, this is a self adhesive magnet tabs which lay on sheets. It will allow you to easily peel away the magnet, remove the backing and stick it to your applications. The magnet tab can also apply to leaflets, invitations, calendars, menus etc. So no more spot, and no more glue anymore.

Where to get it? You can buy magnet tab on AMF Magnetics, a leading supplier of permanent magnets from Australia. Beside magnet tab they also provide promotional fridge magnets, car door magnets, and flexible magnet material. For special application they also provide customize magnet, like ferrite for your electronic project.

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