Simple ISP Progammer for Microcontroller

This ISP Programmer use to programm the microcontroller (fill microcontroller with *.hex or *.ihx file). There're many kind ISP programmer such as AVRSTK500, Atmel AVRprog(AVR910), Dontronic DT006, Kanda System STK200+/300. For beginner in microcontroller, it is better if we use simple ISP but it still work fine. The best choice for me is Kanda System STK200+/300. because it's only need IC buffer 74HC244 and connected to parallel port. So, i think is easier for newbie.

here is the schematic

After you build this then download demo version of CodeVision AVR from http://www.hpinfotech.ro. Installed it. After finishing install, go to setting > programmer > and choose Kanda System STK200+/300.

Connect the ISP to parallel port and microcontroller to ISP.
open CodeVision AVR go to Tools>Chip Programmer> Read> Chip Signature. Don't forget choose apropriate microcontroller type.

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