PIC LCD Oscilloscope for Spectrum Analyzers

PIC LCD Oscilloscope for Spectrum Analyzers
This is simple and inexpensive LCD oscilloscope for spectrum analyzer display. The project use PIC 16F876A as main processor. Although a small LCD screen is not as good as analog oscilloscope, a LCD oscilloscope may be very useful in field measurements, for battery operation or you need different measurement at the same time along with oscilloscope.

The 80dB scale of this LCD oscilloscope can be adjusted with the two trimmers providing the reference voltages to the A/D converter. The operation of the LCD oscilloscope is slightly different between the 80dB mode and the 40dB mode. In the 80dB mode, the trace is always visible and saturates on the bottom or top of screen. In the 40dB mode, the trace runs out of the screen and only the central part of the original 80dB scale is displayed. This project designed by Matjaz Vidmar.

Source code, documentation and schematic

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Amr said...

Could you please publish the connection diagram (between the microcontroller and LCD) and overview of its working theory ?

admin said...

For more detail about this project you can check it at http://lea.hamradio.si/~s53mv/spectana/lcd.html

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