Arduino Door Lock with Keypad

Arduino Door Lock with Keypad
This is an electronically-controlled dead bolt lock project based on Arduino. It use old CD player second motor that provides a nice linear motion. To use this lock the user need to type in the correct code and presses the # key to open or close the lock. The green LED indicates the door is unlocked. Red indicates locked.

They keypad has 12 keys but only 10 wires. Reading the keypad is not as simple as checking to see which of the 12 switches is closed. The keys must be constantly scanned to see which if any keys are depressed. Scanning the keypad is done by multiplexing through 6 of the wires on the keypad, alternately setting them LOW and then checking the other 4 wires (blue, green, yellow, red) on the keypad to see if a button is pressed.

Watch the arduino lock in action

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