Heater Fan Controller, PIC12F675

PIC Base Fan Controller ImageThe Heater Fan Controller built around PIC12F675 microcontroller. It reads the (10k) linear potentiometer and generates appropriately timed pulses to control the DC motor running the fan. The extreme low position cuts the power entirely. This device work as a variable speed control for the heater blower in a car. The project is powered from the existing wiring and connects with just 2 wires. Or you can connect it to 12 volt device up to 10 amps.
"The circuit is relatively simple. The wire to the blower motor (either high or low side) is cut and connection is made to the circuit with the more positive side at the top connection. The diode and 100uf capacitor always provide full 12 volts because the Pulse Width Modulation scheme always provides a minimum 'off' time of the power cycle," said Mondo.

Download : Schematic, Source, HEX

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