GPS Auditory Navigation

This project goal is to build a navigator that allows a user to navigate to a predefined location through the use of auditory guidance. The project is equipped with GPS, digital compass, and MCU ATmega32 to generate sound based on the direction that the user must turn in order to face the correct direction. One example implementation of this project is a self guided tours navigator.

audio navigation self guide

How does it work?
The module uses GPS and a digital compass to determine at what angle the user hears the sound pulses. On initial start-up the user selects from a number of predefined locations through the use of an LCD screen. Once the GPS has a lock, the module determines the bearing (angle from true North) that the user must travel to get to the destination. This angle is compared with the compass output and a sound is made based on which direction the user must turn to face the final location. The sound consists of short pulses that are delayed between the right and left side and modulated in amplitude to give the effect of direction.

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