New Generation of Atmel maXTouch

Atmel has announced the maXTouch E Series of single-chip capacitive touchscreen controllers for touchscreens from 2 to 12 inches. The mXT224E, mXT384E, mXT540E and mXT768E devices offer enhanced analog sensing with a third generation capacitive touch engine and Atmel's advanced AVR® architecture optimized for capacitive sensing. Offering 224 to 768 nodes, the new series enables system designers to select the industry's most advanced single-chip solution for their touchscreen size and application.

Atmel MaxTouch

Atmel maXTouch E Series offers enhanced analog sensing to dramatically improve performance, reduce system power and lower system cost
First single-chip 32-bit solutions for smartphones, e-book readers and tablets up to 12 inches
Since system noise poses the greatest challenge to touchscreen performance, all devices in the maXTouch E Series offer enhanced analog sensing with improvements to maXTouch's industry–leading noise immunity. The enhancements enable system designers to use lower-cost, shieldless touch sensors, or to take advantage of thinner touchscreen configurations with higher levels of integration. These include "touch–on–lens" and "on–cell" configurations, where the touch sensor is patterned on the protective cover lens or on the display panel, respectively.

maxTouch diagram layout

The enhancements also allow the use of noisy, lower-cost displays and chargers for additional system cost savings.

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