Photovoltaic Solar Battery Regulator and Load Controller

This Solar Battery Regulator project allows solar cell arrays to be connected to either conventional lead-acid, sealed lead-acid, or lithium storage batteries without fear of overcharging. The project can be used to drive two different electrical loads from the batteries at two different charge states to maximise power usage efficiency.

Photovoltaic Solar Battery Regulator

How to Use It
Applying a load only to the secondary output, you can choose to charge up the batteries to near maximum and dump excess power into the load only to stop overcharging. Applying the load to the main load output extracts as much power from the system immediately as it is generated. For camping fridge operation one might typically connect to the main load output most of the time, possibly switching to the secondary output if power was needed for some other purpose on the main load e.g. charging a mobile phone battery, or if it was desired to store up charge for a period of prolonged fridge operation.

Here is the project schematic. No MCU is needed for this project.

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